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BIG CLAPPER is a cheerful robot that induces applause with its big, soft hands.
BIG CLAPPER livens up any situation, anywhere with applause and lively voice.

Applause Anywhere.

BIG CLAPPER is currently under development. The final, finished version may have some slight variations with respect to the product and app.

5 seconds after turning it on,

BIG CLAPPER is ready to go. 

It is very simple to use. After turning the power on and selecting the scenario,

BIG CLAPPER is ready interact with cheerful banter and, of course, applause.


Usage Scenarios.


In this all-around mode, it can be used anywhere and say phrases like "It's BIG CLAPPER!".

Social Gatherings

Getting the party started with "Cheers!" is no problem for BIG CLAPPER.


BIG CLAPPER can attract customers to a business with greetings like "Welcome, Welcome!"

Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate someone's special day than with a "Happy Birthday!" greeting from BIG CLAPPER.

At the Office

BIG CLAPPER can interact with employees and visitors alike with phrases such as "Good job!"

Sporting Events

What better way to cheer on your team than with phrases like "Go! Go!"

Big Clapper can also enhance your exhibitions, school events, weddings and parties!


Using the dedicated Apps,

the possibilities for enjoyment are endless.

Manual Clap Mode

You can control both speech and clapping

thourugh the app.

Performance Mode

You can use pre-set clapping actions such as a three-clap closing sequence and clapping along to the beat of If You are Happy and You Know It

Custom Speech Mode

Record your own voice and have it BIG CLAPPER-ized!

*Apps are currently being developed.


Hardware Specifications

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